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Watch an Encore of the GLA Global Gala!

For one time only, watch the event that raised over $1 million to conquer Lyme!


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A Global, Live Event Like No Other.

Special guests, world-class performances, and virtual viewing parties across the world! View the E-vite

Watch the global event that brought together some of the biggest and brightest names in entertainment to honor the global Lyme community, and raise funds for critical research and relief. The program hosted by journalist, author, and advocate, Gretchen Carlson, includes special virtual appearances by Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz and world-class performances by the incredibly talented Andrea Bocelli, Rob Thomas, Rachel Platten, Pia Toscano and more! Warriors in the fight share special messages across the globe, from patients to researchers and practitioners. Make a donation today to watch an encore of  this amazing event! 

Event Details: For one time only, watch an encore of this amazing event by making a donation!


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Event Chairs

Rose and James Anastasio

Amy and Robert Ballard

Diane and Robert Blanchard

Julia and Richard Comeau

Nancy and Robert Del Genio

Karen and Robert Kelly

Brett and Mark Kristoff

Lorrie and Jarrod Nadel

Deborah and Andrew Siciliano

Janet and Nicholas Vaccaro

Virtual Hosts

United States

Kathryn and Matthew Aaronson, Raleigh

Lynn and Joseph Borovicka, Cleveland

Xin and James Devine, Philadelphia

Joanne Kledaras, Boston

Hilda and Timothy McGonigle, Los Angeles

Alexandra Moresco, Chicago

Samantha Sloves, Harrison

Ash Smith, Bristol

Tess Williams, Buffalo



Frank Anastasio, Scotland

Veronica Hughes, England

Kavita and Christopher Jacobs, Portugal

Megan and Matthew McIlvane, Austria

Dominic D. Smith, Netherlands

Sue and Aziz Syriani, Greece



Stephen and Lucy Suo, Hong Kong