*Opinions expressed by contributors are their own. Sara is a Registered Dietitian (RD) from Canada. She was bitten in 2014 and sought medical advice which was diagnosed as a spider bite. She was left untreated and within two years became bed bound. During these two years without a diagnosis while symptoms progressed, she took her health into her own hands using her skills and education as a RD. Her Lyme+ diagnosis was in 2016 and that is when she began treatment and six years into treatment she’s started to gain back her health.

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Tips for Lyme Patients on How to Approach a Restrictive Diet
January 9, 2023
“I would eat bark for a year if it would save my life” – Yolanda Hadid This quote always spoke to me. It illustrates the desperation to feel better and it also ties in the fact that many Lyme patients...