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A message from our CEO:



BE-TICK-3-200x300 Ticks that transmit Lyme disease can be found everywhere you go outdoors—be it the yard, the soccer field, running around the playground, or simply walking the dog. In fact, we are observing more, and more types of, disease-carrying ticks out and about this year. This trend could lead to more cases of Lyme and tick-borne illness if we are not prepared and AWARE. One bite is all it takes.

At Global Lyme Alliance, our goal for May-Lyme Disease Awareness Month is to share the message “One Bite Is All It Takes” with as many in the community as possible. Those currently suffering from Lyme know all too well the impact that a single tick bite can have—from ongoing physical symptoms to debilitating neurological impairments. And in rare cases, death. And for the general community, it’s critical to share the message of prevention. We can’t let our guard down when it comes to ticks, because one bite is all it takes.

You can help us make a difference, for both patients and the community-at-large. Your support of this important campaign will bring awareness to the impact of “One Bite Is All It Takes” as well as support GLA’s ongoing programs to support research, education, and our expanded patient services programs, such as our peer-to-peer mentor support.


  2. FUNDRAISE on Facebook. Start with a donation of your own and encourage your family and friends to support you while you fight for this important cause.
  3. AWARENESS on Social Media.

Print out our One Bite Is All It Takes template. There are a few options to choose from. If you choose a blank page, ask your own “One Bite" story. Get creative, it’s whatever resonates with you and your Lyme journey.

  • Take a photo with the sign (see example below).
  • Post on social media. Tag Global Lyme Alliance
  • Tell your story and encourage others to share their story
  • Lastly, when you share, please ask people to donate to the campaign at GLA.org/may because funding and awareness must come from our community
  • Make a Be Tick AWARE video! Here are suggested video talking points about the One Bite Is All It Takes campaign and Be Tick AWARE tick bite prevention program.


Throughout the month we’ll be posting social graphics that correspond with the messaging in the campaign. Follow us on social media to reshare the graphics when they go live.


Want to make a donation to help support outreach programs like this and our overall mission? Click here to donate.


PREVENTION. Increased tick activity combined with unreliable diagnostics and limited treatment options makes diligent tick prevention for the entire family, including pets, of utmost important. The risk of a potentially debilitating tick bite is too great. Get prevention tips here.

SYMPTOMS. Most people with Lyme disease never felt the tick bite, and many do not see a rash. While you may not feel the bite, you may feel the symptoms. Some of the first symptoms may include a flu-like condition, with fever, chills, headache, stiff neck, achiness, and fatigue. Learn more about symptoms here.

WE ARE ALL AT RISK. Everyone is at risk for Lyme disease, especially if you enjoy outdoor activities. We’re not saying don’t enjoy the great outdoors, just learn how to prevent a tick bite and learn more about tick-borne diseases as a precaution. There are 427,000 new cases of Lyme disease in the U.S. every year. Don’t be one of them. Learn more about Lyme disease here.