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*Opinions expressed by contributors are their own. Paul Killinger oversees tick surveillance and pathogen testing at the TickReport testing lab in Amherst, Massachusetts. He has led the lab's public health education and outreach since 2018.


California Ticks Can Spread Lyme Disease…But That’s Not the Whole Story
February 24, 2023
If you find a tick bite from an Ixodes tick in California, it’s important to consider possible exposure to pathogens that cause more than Lyme disease Originally published on Medzulabs.org
Ticks Don’t Die When It’s Cold Outside
January 23, 2023
Do ticks die when it's cold outside? Many think yes, but Paul Killinger of of TickReport has data that says otherwise. Originally published on Medzulabs.org It’s commonly thought that ticks and other ...