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If you find a tick, it is important to send it to a tick testing lab or your local health department to test for pathogens. Learning more about the tick and potential pathogens it is carrying may aid in your diagnosis. Submitting your tick for testing is vital to help researchers and others better understand our overall risk of exposure to a tick-borne disease, species of ticks, and the number of ticks in regions across the country.



National lab order a comprehensive TickReport™ and learn what disease causing microbes the tick may be carrying, including pathogens that cause Lyme disease.
Cost: Check lab for fees

Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station (CAES) New Haven, CT

Tick testing for residents of Connecticut. Visit CAES website to find your local health department.
Cost: Free

Greenwich Department of Health 

All residents are encouraged to check themselves, their children and pets for ticks after being outdoors. If a tick is found, remove it with fine tipped tweezers, place in a plastic bag and bring it to the lab. All ticks may be tested for the Lyme disease and Babesiosis organisms. Results of this test will be available in about a week. [Fee for service]. Please call or visit the Lab for more information. 203-622-7843

Imugen Norwood, MA

National lab provides testing services for the detection of B. burgdorferi (Lyme Disease spirochete) and B. microti (Babesia parasite) by PCR. This testing is performed on deer ticks only.
Cost: Check lab for fees

University of Maine Cooperative Orono, ME

Tick testing for residents of Maine only
Cost: Free

New Jersey Laboratories Tick Testing New Brunswick, NJ

National lab tests multiple tick species and pathogens
Cost: Check lab for fees

UCONN Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory Storrs, CT

National lab tests multiple tick species and pathogens
Cost: Check lab for fees

Ticknology Fort Collins, CO

National lab provides tick testing services
Cost: Check lab for fees

TickEncounter (University of Rhode Island)

This is a fast, free tick tick identification service, not a lab. Click the link, add a clear top side view of your tick (.jpg photo files work best) and complete the submission form questions. 

Illinois Natural History Survey (INHS)

For residents of Illinois only. Send in ticks for free tick identification and to support tick research in Illinois. For instructions on mailing ticks, please contact Holly Tuten at htuten@illinois.edu. Click on the headline above to learn more about the INHS Medical Entomology program.
Cost: Free (Illinois residents only)

Click here to access GLA’s Be Tick AWARE tick bite prevention resources