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When you find a tick attached

5 simple steps what to do when you find a tick attached.


How to Check 4 Ticks Poster

Fun and easy way to teach children how to check for ticks using numbers.


What Parents Need to Know about Lyme Disease

Article helps parents or caregivers recognize the potential signs and symptoms of Lyme disease in their children.


Tick Repellent Roundup

Use this Tick Repellent Roundup to understand the various on-skin and on-clothing repellent ingredients and their pros and cons


Tick Table

Overview of the most common ticks found in the U.S. that transmit pathogens to humans. This is only a partial list.



FAQs about Lyme Disease


Field Trip Notification

Template letter to send home to parents alerts them to the potential risk for exposure to ticks. Provides tips to prevent a tick bite and instructions on what to do if bitten by a tick.



Be Tick AWARE - Be Prepared to take these important steps to help prevent a tick bite.


School Nurse Reference Guide: Understanding Lyme Disease

Resource that provides helpful recommendations and checklists to help address and support students who may be at risk for Lyme disease. Includes symptoms list, symptom tracker checklist, field trip notification, and other information.


10 Things Every Teacher Should Know About Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is the leading vector-borne infectious disease in the U.S. Children represent the most at-risk age group. More than 200 kids get Lyme every day, with symptoms such as school avoidance, anxiety, and more.


Free printables for the classroom

Access the printable version of GLA's "It's Time to Be Lyme Alert" Lyme disease curriculum. Student workbooks and teacher's guides. Grades: K-12.


Digital Education for the Classroom

Access the digital version of GLA's "It's Time to Be Lyme Alert" Lyme disease curriculum. Includes interactive activities for students, grades K-8.