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Welcome to In The Lymelight: a show about…well…Lyme Disease.


In the Limelight aims to bring humor and knowledge to an otherwise somber topic with biweekly expert interviews that include, yes, the “heavy” stuff, but also everything in between that is meant to make your day a little bit brighter. Hosted by fellow Lymie and alpaca lover Alex Moresco and self certified iced coffee sommelier Sarah Aiken: we hope you enjoy listening in as much as we enjoy talking.

In our third episode of In The Lymelight, we had the opportunity to sit down with Sarah Greenfield, RD CSSD to chat about something incredibly important to those of us with Lyme disease: gut health. Sarah is a gut health expert that studied under a LLMD and lives in the Los Angeles area. Sarah explained the basics of gut health, breaking sugar addiction, tips on how to heal your body if your medication is making you sick and how the gut is directly connected to the brain and truly rules our body.

While episode three is a tad bit longer than our normal half hour, Sarah provides copious amounts of factual information that can truly make a difference to those of us battling Lyme.

To keep in touch with Sarah Greenfield, RD CSSD, you can check out her Instagram and read her website.

Opinions expressed by contributors are their own.

For interview suggestions, information or just to say hi- you can connect with us on Instagram at @alitmoresco and @saraiken.


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Admin at GLA