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The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) updated its official information regarding pregnancy and Lyme disease, specifically maternal-fetal transmission of Lyme disease. CDC_pregnancy and lyme diseaseThe CDC now acknowledges that "Untreated Lyme disease during pregnancy can lead to infection of the placenta. Spread from mother to fetus is possible but rare. Fortunately, with appropriate antibiotic treatment, there is no increased risk of adverse birth outcomes.* There are no published studies assessing developmental outcomes of children whose mothers acquired Lyme disease during pregnancy." Additional CDC resources: - CDC Pregnancy and Lyme disease brochure - CDC Lyme disease FAQ webpage  - CDC on maternal-fetal transmission of Babesia webpage Additional research: - A systematic review of the impact of gestational Lyme disease in humans on the fetus and newborn, PLoS One, 2018 Nov 12   * Silver HM. Lyme disease during pregnancy. Infect Dis Clin North Am. 1997 Mar;11(1):93-7.