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GLA CEO Laura MacNeill discusses the latest in Lyme research on the Lyme Time Podcast. Tune in to learn about exciting developments in diagnostics, therapeutics, and more!

GLA CEO Laura MacNeill took to the "Lyme Time Podcast" hosted by Ali White, the mind behind @thetickchicks. Laura addresses all the exciting progress in Lyme research underway at GLA, from breakthroughs in diagnostics, the latest in therapeutics, and everything in between!

Find out about a promising new antibiotic for Lyme and what the research is finding at Northeastern University as well as Lyme financial support, clinical trials, pediatric Lyme research, mental health and Lyme articles, amongst much more. Laura also discusses how you can partake in ongoing FREE webinars with leading International Lyme patient advocates at GLA.- Ali White, @tickchicks

Tune in on apple podcasts and spotify, and the youtube that accompanies this show is available at the link above.  


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