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CEO of the Global Lyme Alliance, Laura MacNeill and executive producer Atty Cleworth join Good Day New York to talk about the prevalence of Lyme and the new documentary "I'm Not Crazy, I'm Sick."

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Click here to watch the video. 

Most people believe that in order to contract Lyme disease you need to be in a wooded setting, discover a tick bite, and develop a rash. They also believe that you can be treated with two weeks of antibiotics.  Unfortunately, for many patients, this is not the case.  

Lyme is currently found all across the U.S., and the increased rate of diagnosis is substantial. Lyme is one of the fastest growing infectious diseases with almost 500,000 reported cases each year. Ticks live in leaf litter, woodpiles, stonewalls, tall grasses– and even your own backyard.  

Atty Cleworth is an executive producer on a new documentary called I’m Not Crazy, I’m Sick, which shines a light on the lives of three families who have all been affected by Lyme disease. She, herself, is a chronic Lyme patient, who felt inspired to help others by spreading awareness.

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