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Fashion designer and GLA board member Ally Hilfiger talks with brave teens who are living with Lyme disease and shares valuable tips to avoid tick bites and Lyme disease prevention.


Brian A. Fallon, MD, MPH, Director, Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases Research Center, Columbia University discusses some of Lyme's 300 plus symptoms, including neurological Lyme.

Lyme and tick-borne diseases have been reported in all 50 states as well as 80 countries. We are all one tick bite away from Lyme disease. Video outlines Symptoms and Prevention Tips.

Special Contributor:
- Bella Hadid, International Supermodel, Global Lyme Alliance Uniting for a Lyme-Free World Gala Award Recipient 2016

- Emily Dershowitz
- M.J. Hinsley
- Katharine Maxwell

Film Production:
- GLA Young Leaders Council
- Directed by Dana Blanchard

- Mark and Deborah Blackman Charitable Trust
- Newman's Own Foundation
- The Allan B. and Frances G. Herzog Charitable Foundation
- The William Pitt Foundation

For more information on Lyme disease go to GLA.org