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Host Dr. Tom Moorcroft, DO, joins GLA-funded researcher Dr. Choukri Ben Mamoun and GLA Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Tim Sellati on the Lyme Insider Podcast. Together they unpack the recent GLA-funded study led by Dr. Mamoun, "Tafenoquine-Atovaquone Combination Achieves Radical Cure and Confers Sterile Immunity in Experimental Models of Human Babesiosis."

The conversation navigates key findings, such as the promising outcomes of combination therapy in Babesia treatment and the potential for enduring immunity. They discuss nuances between tick-borne infections and the challenges of translating research into clinical applications, emphasizing the imperative for further research on dosing strategies and therapeutic indexes for Babesia treatment.

You won't want to miss this conversation, as it highlights the implications for patient care and the evolving landscape of infectious disease management.


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