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Timothy J. Sellati, PH.D. is Chief Scientific Officer at Global Lyme Alliance As GLA’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Sellati leads GLA’s research initiatives to accelerate the development of more effective methods of diagnosis and treatment of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases.


So, Exactly How Prevalent is Lyme Disease Across the Globe?
June 29, 2022
A recent article written for Today.com went viral after the title stated, "Lyme disease has infected over 14% of world population, new study finds." In this article, GLA's Chief Scientific Officer wil...
Lyme Disease and Bell’s Palsy: New Considerations for Differential Diagnosis
March 28, 2022
Hygromycin A May Prevent Cases of Post-Treatment and Chronic Lyme Disease
October 19, 2021
Point of view on "a selective antibiotic for Lyme disease." Borrelia burgdorferi, a bacterial spirochete, causes Lyme disease. Doxycycline, amoxicillin, and ceftriaxone are broad-spectrum antibiotics ...
Ticks and the Diseases They Cause in the U.S.
May 15, 2021
When it comes to transmitting infectious agents to humans, few vectors are as efficient as ticks, the parasitic cousins of spiders. The diversity of pathogens carried by ticks, from bacteria and virus...
Lyme Disease Incidence: Even Greater Than Thought
February 5, 2021
POV by Timothy J. Sellati, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, GLA How many people get Lyme disease every year? Precisely determining an annual incidence has been a challenge. Based upon a surveillance r...
How Our Body ‘Sees’ Spirochetes Has Implications for Lyme Disease Severity and Novel Treatments
December 20, 2020
by Timothy J. Sellati, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, GLA
When Interpretation of Results Misses the Bull’s-eye
November 14, 2020
by Timothy J. Sellati, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, GLA
The need for an alternative to current antibody-based Lyme disease diagnostic tests
August 25, 2020
by Timothy J. Sellati, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Global Lyme Alliance
Do we need clinical trials, even for long-used drugs?
July 21, 2020
With the need for fast treatment options, for COVID-19 and other diseases, is it necessary to re-approve drugs already approved by the FDA? by Timothy J. Sellati, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Glob...
Is the Clinical Trials Process Working?
June 25, 2020
GLA’s Chief Scientific Officer takes an important look at our current clinical trials process. Is it still working? Does it serve patient needs?
Research Sharing: What Can Lyme Disease Learn from Skin Cancer?
May 6, 2020
Is it possible to leverage research findings and treatment options for malignant cancers, like skin cancer, for Lyme disease?
Parallel Pandemics: COVID-19 and Lyme Disease
April 2, 2020
Are there connections between COVID-19 and Lyme disease? by Timothy J. Sellati, Chief Scientific Officer, GLA
GLA Point of View on New Tick-Borne Co-infection Diagnostic Test
June 12, 2018
by Timothy Sellati, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, GLA