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Global Lyme Alliance joins The Research Acceleration and Innovation Network with FasterCures, opening up avenues for breakthroughs in Lyme disease research and treatment. 

We are thrilled to announce that Global Lyme Alliance has been selected to join (TRAIN) with FasterCures. We look forward to contributing to and learning from this unique and select program for patient-driven nonprofit foundations that fund medical research across a spectrum of diseases!

TRAIN, founded in 2005, is an affinity network of over 100 foundations adopting a venture philanthropy approach to fund patient-driven, outcomes-focused medical research. It aims to encourage innovative philanthropic practices, facilitate collaboration, and provide capacity-building assistance to overcome challenges and accelerate biomedical research.

GLA's inclusion in TRAIN opens up avenues to explore innovative and strategic approaches, potentially leading to breakthroughs in Lyme disease research and treatment. 

Research liason, Dr. Cara DeAngelis, had this to say about our inclusion, "We're excited to be a part of FasterCures' TRAIN, where we have the unique opportunity to engage with more than 100 like-minded foundations dedicated to expediting treatment delivery to patients." Other participating members in TRAIN include the likes of Autism Speaks, the Michael J Fox Foundation, and Bill and the Melinda Gates Medical Research Institue, to name a few.

Dr. DeAngelis continues, "This is a truly collaborative network that offers a platform for learning, sharing solutions, and fostering innovation through workshops, webinars, and discussion forums so that we can build our capacity to reach our goals." As the first Lyme dedicated organization in TRAIN, we are eager to bring new perspectives and challenges to the network. 

Learn more about TRAIN here: https://lnkd.in/d86yZVt4


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