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How long have you had Lyme disease? What were/are your symptoms?

I was bit by the tick about 23 years ago when I was a child outside my home in Pennsylvania. But my symptoms were dormant for a decade. I got extremely sick after a trip to Guatemala when I was 19 years older. I’m pretty positive now that I picked up a parasite there that stirred up Lyme. It took 10.5 years for me to get correctly diagnosed with Lyme disease. I saw over 20 specialists, and no one even mentioned Lyme as a possibility. My main symptoms were nausea, stomach pain, fatigue, insomnia, joint pain, and brain fog. I’ve been treating for almost 2 years now (and have been sick for 12.5 years), I did a plethora of eastern and western medical treatments, and my focus the past 6 months have been on parasites. Parasite cleansing and energy healing have been a game changer in my healing. I’m very close to remission

EA1FC99B-E31C-4D27-8346-D671F4493B9BHow did Covid affect your Lyme disease?

I got Covid in January 2021, 1 year after being diagnosed with Lyme. I had treated Lyme with hyperthermia and other things, and had started to feel better. But Covid stirred up Lyme so much, when I retested for it it came back IGG & IGM positive. Covid made Lyme show up as a recent infection again, but it wasn’t. All the symptoms of Covid are basically Lyme symptoms, so it’s hard to know what was what. I experienced fevers, horrible headaches, muscle pain & leg swelling that I had never experienced before, joint pain, no smell or taste, diarrhea, and extreme fatigue. I was sick with Covid for about 2 weeks, and because it stirred up Lyme I had to immediately go back into treatments. It took a few months before I started feeling better. 

Did you get the vaccine, which one, and what were the side effects?

I have not received a vaccine yet based on the recommendations by all of my doctors. 

What has this time been like for you living through a pandemic with Lyme?

The pandemic hit at the same time as I embarked on my healing journey from Lyme. At first, it was a blessing because everyone was stuck at home and I could truly heal. But it was also extremely challenging because I lost my jobs and was very lonely. I was sicker than ever, because I truly believe that healing is harder than living with an unknown chronic illness. Getting to the root cause of your illness is so important, but it isn't easy and these toxins don't leave without a fight. I lived alone for most of the pandemic and I really didn’t have much help. It’s been a hard 2 years, but I’ve also really focused on my health and I’m not sure I would be so close to remission if this pandemic had not hit at the same time! I’ve learned a lot about my body. What works and what doesn’t, and I’m excited about my healthy days ahead. I’ve also created my own healing community with the Lyme community, and have made amazing new friends along this journey! 


Have your friends/family been understanding and supportive of your health concerns during this time?

My family has been very understanding. I actually have had to temporarily move back home to Pennsylvania so I could hit parasites hard and have the support I needed. I’ve sadly lost touch with some of my old friends during this time. But people come and go in your life, and the ones that stick around when you’re dealing with such a pernicious disease like Lyme are the ones who matter. 

One piece of advice for others regarding Lyme and Covid?

I encourage you to touch base with your Lyme doctor.  My Lyme doctor put me on high doses of Vit C, D, Zinc and Quercetin. There are other medications like Ivermectin worth researching. And stay positive my warrior friends! You are strong and you’ve got this! 

GLA Contributer

Christa Nannos

GLA Contributer

Opinions expressed by contributors are their own. Christa Nannos was bitten by a tick 23 years ago and is still fighting symptoms. She is sharing her journey with COVID-19 and Lyme disease. If you have questions, email us below.

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