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This month marks an important milestone for Global Lyme Alliance, Lyme disease research, and most importantly, Lyme patients.

  GLA and its predecessor organizations Lyme Research Alliance and Tick-Borne Disease Alliance surpasses the $10 million mark in research grant funding. GLA CEO Scott Santarella addresses this significant achievement:

  To mark this milestone, GLA has issued the “ Lyme Disease Research Report: Looking Back, Moving Forward”. It is the first such report published by any Lyme organization, and highlights GLA’s compelling record of leadership, in working to develop a definitive diagnostic test, improved treatment options, and ultimately, a cure. Only by recognizing that there is still so much critical work to be done can we—as a community—create real change for patients. As part of our ongoing commitment, we are also announcing our new 2017-18 research grantees. Thank you for all your past and continued support. Together we will conquer Lyme disease and end the injustice endured by so many.