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Sara Tyghter, Global Lyme Alliance Director of Education, talks about tick and Lyme disease prevention and awareness with Jim Campbell on 1490am WGCH radio. Below is an excerpt.

  Jim Campbell, WGCH:  Welcome ... Sara Tyghter from the Global Lyme Alliance. She's Director of Education and she's gonna tell us all about a program they've got, Lyme Disease, Your Child Is At Risk and So Are You, on May 11th at the UCONN, Stamford campus. Sara Tyghter, GLA: We have a free educational program coming up on May 11th ... giving people the opportunity to come and hear from leading experts in the field of Lyme disease. We have Dr. Brian Fallon from Columbia University, Dr. Denis Bouboulis, who has a practice here in Darien, and also Dr. Kirby Stafford from the State of Connecticut. We are addressing a number of issues at that program to help people understand about Lyme disease. If you have Lyme disease, suspect that you have it, or just want to learn more, it's a program I think would offer a lot of information, also Dr. Stafford will address important prevention strategies around ticks, and this year, the scientists are predicting that there will be an overabundance of ticks in this area, especially in the northeast. JC: Sara, it's really hard to diagnose it, isn't it, and what are some of the feelings you get or symptoms? ST: The diagnostics are not accurate, unfortunately, and Lyme disease presents with 300 symptoms, most of which, they mimic other diseases, so people who are infected with the Lyme bacteria often go through a number of tests and a variety of doctors before they can actually be accurately diagnosed. Sometimes, it takes months. It could take even years. JC: Tell us about what you do as Director of Education for the Global Lyme Alliance? ST: My responsibility is educating people about the risks of Lyme disease, prevention strategies and then also, for those people who are living with Lyme, to provide information education to help support them and their families. JC: Now this isn't a fundraiser at all, right, this is just a free education seminar? ST: Right, this is a free educational program and it's from 6:30 to 9:30 pm on May 11th and there will be an opportunity to, you'll not only learn from the doctors, but also have questions answered, so we do have a panel discussion that attendees can ask questions. Listen to the entire interview: [audio mp3="http://globallymealliance.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/WGCH_iNTERVIE_-_SARA_TYGHTER_-_GLOBAL_LYME_ALLIANC.mp3"][/audio]