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In a significant stride toward battling Lyme disease, Global Lyme Alliance (GLA) proudly announces the progression of hygromycin A (FP-100) into human clinical trials in Q1 2024. This groundbreaking achievement is the result of GLA's continued commitment to advancing Lyme research and its collaboration with Flightpath Biosciences, marking a new chapter in the fight against this challenging and pervasive illness.

The Genesis: A Pioneering Drug Discovery Program

The journey began in 2015 when GLA invested in a drug discovery program led by Dr. Kim Lewis at Northeastern University, which broke ground on the rediscovery of hygromycin A, an antibiotic overlooked since 1953. Flash forward to 2021, Dr. Lewis's lab revealed the remarkable efficacy of hygromycin A against Lyme bacteria, offering hope for a potential cure for early Lyme disease and the prevention of chronic conditions.

A Strategic Partnership

Buoyed by this discovery, GLA aligned with Flightpath Biosciences, a distinguished biotechnology company, to advance the clinical development of hygromycin A. GLA's Chief Scientific Officer, Timothy Sellati, Ph.D., applauds Flightpath Biosciences' role,  saying "Flightpath Biosciences will usher hygromycin A along the commercialization path, through clinical trials and FDA approval, ultimately reaching physicians."

Hygromycin A: A Game-Changer in Lyme Treatment

 Hygromycin A has demonstrated potent effectiveness against Lyme bacteria, in both laboratory tests and animal studies. Unlike traditional antibiotics like doxycycline, hygromycin A selectively targets Lyme bacteria without causing harm to beneficial gut bacteria—a critical factor in patient well-being during and after treatment.

Moving into the Clinic: An Exciting Milestone

The forthcoming human clinical trials for hygromycin A (FP-100) are set to commence in Q1 2024. Matt Tindall, CEO of Flightpath Biosciences, acknowledges the pivotal role of GLA and its community in realizing this milestone, emphasizing the invaluable partnership that has propelled this breakthrough, "This landmark achievement for Lyme patients could not have been reached without the kind and generous financial support of GLA and its community."

The Road Ahead

The first-ever human trial of FP-100, titled "A Phase 1, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study to Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability, and Pharmacokinetics of Single and Multiple Ascending Doses of FP-100 in Healthy Adult Participants," is projected to take approximately 6-8 months to complete. As we eagerly anticipate the outcomes, this development underscores the dedication of GLA and its partners in advancing Lyme research and bringing hope to the Lyme community. This is a monumental moment for Lyme patients, made possible by the collaborative efforts of GLA, Flightpath Biosciences, and our supportive community.

The journey from drug discovery to clinical trials is a testament to dedicated research and the impact of the Lyme community, but the work is not complete. Join us in helping progress FP-100 to the finish line, and continue funding other preeminent work in the pursuit of curing Lyme disease. Donate below, with you a Lyme free world is possible! 




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