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Discover Samantha's journey from misdiagnoses to empowerment in battling chronic Lyme, and learn how she plans to help others as MyLymeCoach. 

Hello, friends and fellow warriors. I’m Samantha, and my journey with chronic Lyme (Bartonella, Babesia, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever) began at 14 when an inexplicable rash and intense itching marked the start of my challenging health journey—a journey filled with misdiagnoses, confusion, frustration, and isolation.

The Depths of Despair: A Chilling Wake-Up Call

Throughout my struggles, I was hit with extremes — some labeling me as an attention-seeker, others proclaiming a fatal prognosis. But it was the words from MY doctor's mouth,

"Samantha, you are dying… you are never going to walk again," that shook me to my core. This prognosis felt so wrong in my soul and was —a cold, bone-chilling awakening. And in this state of shock and despair, I felt more alone than ever, even with so many around me.

The Turning Point: Discovering My True Worth

Despite the darkness, this distressing proclamation triggered an 'aha' moment deep within me. I started questioning the myriad of contradictory diagnoses. How could I be an attention-seeker one day and dying the next? I was trapped in a disorienting maze of misdiagnoses, with more than thirty to my name.

Then, the realization struck. I was more than a collection of symptoms or the result of a blood test or MRI. My self-worth was not tied to this medical madness that consumed my life. And so, I made a profound decision: my life's narrative would not be dictated by my diagnosis.

The Phoenix Rising: A Warrior Emerges

In my darkest moment, a new Samantha was born—a warrior determined to rewrite her story. My initial despair transformed into a resolute mission to find my way through the suffocating maze and help others do the same.

In fact, this mission became my beacon of hope, offering light in the midst of my toughest battles. It was this deep sense of purpose that sparked the creation of my haven of support, MyLymeCoach.

Navigating the Labyrinth: The Role of MyLymeCoach

Though born from my own struggles, the purpose of MyLymeCoach extends far beyond me. It draws strength from our shared experiences and seeks to motivate and empower you. We view the human behind the illness, recognizing your individual story that transcends any medical diagnosis.

MyLymeCoach is a compass to navigate the labyrinth of chronic illness and Lyme disease. Whether it involves easing back into the workforce, reestablishing routine social connections, or adopting a new diet, we're here to journey alongside you.

A Call to Action: Begin Your Empowerment Journey

This is not merely about survival; it’s about reclaiming your life and thriving despite your condition. You're not defined by your disease; you’re a warrior, just as I am, with a personal story waiting to be told.

Join us at MyLymeCoach and start your journey towards empowerment, strength, and resilience.

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Here's to rewriting our narratives,

Samantha Sloves

Founder, MyLymeCoach


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Samantha Sloves

Samantha Sloves

Samantha Sloves

Samantha is a Lyme-warrior from New York and works both in private equity and as a Lyme focused health coach. She is the founder of MyLymeCoach.