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Photo courtesy of Virginia Tech

Dr. Brandon Jutras at Virginia Tech has secured over $6 million in federal funding for his groundbreaking Lyme disease diagnostic test. Learn how GLA seed funding has propelled Dr. Jutras' research and brought him closer to his goal of developing an at-home test for Lyme disease.

From Seed Funding to LymeX

One of our grantees, Dr. Brandon Jutras at Virgina Tech, was just announced as one of the five Phase 2 winners for the LymeX Diagnostics Prize!  GLA gave Dr. Jutras $325,000 in seed funding to launch development of a diagnostic test that would detect a unique Lyme disease bacteria biomarker in blood and urine. That preliminary research has now snowballed into over $6 million in federal funding and success within the LymeX Diagnostic Prize competition.  

What is LymeX

The LymeX Diagnostic Prize is a multiphase prize competition seeking to accelerate accurate diagnosis of an active infection of Lyme disease. The competition is helping teams overcome diagnostic development barriers by providing virtual learning, mentorship, biorepository subject matter expertise, and networking opportunities to move diagnostic tests from the laboratory through to the FDA for review.

We are proud to have supported Dr. Jutras from the beginning and are hopeful that this competition will help make Dr. Jutras’ long-term goal of developing an at-home urine test for Lyme disease a reality.   


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