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This Lyme Awareness Month, learn how Global Lyme Alliance is leading the fight against Lyme disease through groundbreaking research, international collaboration, and empowering patients worldwide. Join the mission to make Lyme disease a thing of the past.

As we mark Lyme Awareness Month, the need for funding in Lyme disease research has never been more urgent. With Lyme disease rates climbing worldwide, and the complexities of diagnosis and treatment continuing to challenge the medical community, support is essential to change the landscape of this disease.

Global Lyme Alliance (GLA) stands at the forefront of this effort. As the leading organization dedicated to Lyme and tick-borne disease research, GLA’s role is pivotal in spearheading innovative studies and fostering global collaborations to tackle Lyme disease at its core. This month, as we rally community support and awareness, join us in empowering GLA’s mission to lead the charge in conquering Lyme disease, providing hope and solutions to millions affected globally.

A Legacy Rooted in Advocacy and Innovation

Born from a collective of parents in the cradle of Lyme country, GLA transformed their grassroots advocacy into a major force against Lyme disease. Through merging multiple non-profit efforts, GLA has pioneered research and advocacy, consistently leading the charge with innovative solutions and comprehensive strategies. This deep-rooted commitment underscores GLA’s role as a key player in the ongoing battle against Lyme disease.

To- date, GLA’s impact on the scientific community is profound, with over $19 million funded in research grants that have led to significant advancements in understanding and treating Lyme disease. Key initiatives include:

  • Advanced Diagnostic and Therapeutic Research: GLA’s funding has supported critical developments in rapid testing and novel treatments, such as the promising Hygromycin A, which offers a potential cure for early Lyme disease.
  • Global Research Impact: Recent funding of $1.1 million has furthered research into chronic Lyme disease, Babesiosis and Bartonellosis, and innovative therapies like ozone treatment, underscoring GLA’s role in addressing complex medical challenges.
  • Empowering the Patient Voice: By focusing on patient-centric research, GLA not only advances science but also ensures that these advancements resonate with the needs of those affected by Lyme disease. GLA continues to maintain a pulse on the patient community, dedicating several initiative to empowering the stifled Lyme patient's voice. Programs such as the Peer-to-Peer Mentorship Program, and GLA's Ambassador Program, both offer opportunities to get involved and circulate the needs and concerns of the patients throughout the organization. 

Catalyzing International Collaboration

GLA’s commitment extends beyond national boundaries, attracting and funding researchers worldwide. This global approach is manifested in our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), a collective of the most talented researchers in tick-borne disease globally. The SAB not only enhances the breadth of Lyme disease research, but fosters international collaboration, crucial for tackling a disease that knows no borders. Our rigorous grant evaluation process, akin to that of the National Institutes of Health, ensures that only the most promising and innovative research receives funding.

Why Your Support is Vital

Your contribution to GLA during Lyme Awareness Month fuels these groundbreaking initiatives. Each dollar helps propel vital research, supports the brightest minds in the field, and brings us closer to solving the puzzle of Lyme disease. With increasing global incidence and the complex nature of tick-borne diseases, GLA’s role is more crucial than ever.

Join Us in Making a Difference

This Lyme Awareness Month, stand with GLA. Your donation not only supports ongoing research but also empowers a community dedicated to eradicating Lyme disease. With GLA, you are part of a movement that is setting the standards for research and patient care in the field of tick-borne diseases.

Donate today and be a part of this life-changing mission. Together, we can make Lyme disease a thing of the past.


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